Introducing Fest Find

We believe FestFind is the ultimate iPhone App to make sure you get the most out of every festival you attend. Never miss your favourite band again because you didn't realise they were on or couldn't find your way to the right place.

Are you sick of not being able to find your tent at the end of the day? Do you want to know who's playing on what stage now (as well as later on)? Do you need to navigate to the nearest bar, butty van, toilet, cash machine, exit, t-shirt vendor, or fairground ride? Do you want a simple to use App that uses the latest augmented reality (AR) technology (on 3GS and 4) to actually guide you around using your phone as a viewfinder as well as the usual map view?

Then FestFind is for you!

We're developing Apps for all the leading festivals in the UK (as well as looking at others further afield) to give you the coolest and most useful festival App you've ever seen. Each one is tailored to each festival you're going to and is available in the Apple App Store for you to download direct from your phone.

If you can't see the App listed for a festival that you're going to then please email the festival organisers and tell them they should be on FestFind! Just point them to and ask them to contact us about adding them to our list of Apps.